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Now many of you would’ve noticed recently changes to your company page on LinkedIn some things have disappeared and other things have appeared. And company updates and sponsored company updates are two things that have now appeared but let’s just clarify what they are. Company updates are where you can update your company status to let people know what is going on in your business. You might want to share content, you might want to share links back to your own website and a whole variety of other things.


Now, sponsored company updates are an addition to that. So people who get to see your company updates are people who follow you just like on Twitter or Facebook. Now, sponsored company updates provide you with a great opportunity and it’s a real good targeted opportunity as well because what you can do is get your company updates out to a target audience that wouldn’t normally see them because they’re currently not following you.


So for example, let’s say you’re a recruitment business specialising in the financial sector. So what you can do is sponsor an update and yes there is a financial investment involved of course, but you can make sure that people in a targeted sector of the finance sector get your company updates. Now what they can then do is, you can encourage them to follow you and also to connect with you which is great because then suddenly your audience and your channel in terms of who you’re marketing to, has just grown significantly.


The key thing to remember though is of course, LinkedIn own LinkedIn and you and I don’t own LinkedIn!


What does that mean? Well it means they could close down your company page anytime. They could close down your account anytime or change the different channels that are available for us to use.


So the key thing to remember as a business owner is, while LinkedIn is a fantastic social networking forum for us as professionals, the key outcome is to build a contact with people on LinkedIn and then move them onto your website because when they’re on your website, you’ve got a much better opportunity to promote your recruitment services and build an ongoing relationship with them. And most importantly, so that results in them picking up the phone to talk to you whether they are potential new clients or a candidate.


So do remember – great opportunity to expand the number of people that are following you and yet you move those people on to your company website. So thanks for listening, I’m Sharon Newey from Super Fast Recruitment with a recruitment marketing update.





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Denise Oyston
Denise Oyston is the CEO of Super Fast Recruitment, who specialise in helping recruitment and staffing organisations globally to attract candidates, clients and talent, through their online training programmes and service delivery. Denise has 27 years’ experience in sales and marketing and is a ghost writer for many well-known names in the recruitment sector and with her business partner, Sharon Newey, is the creator of Dominate Your Sector. This is the premier marketing training programme for business owners and their marketers.