Why Recruitment Companies Need a Marketing Funnel

[Please excuse any typing errors. This is a direct transcription for your benefit.] The business world has changed exponentially over the past few years. Competition abounds in every sector. Back in the day he or she with the biggest budget landed the leads; now it’s different. The world wide web means that even the smallest [...]


How to Get More Recruitment Clients in The Next 90 Days

How to get more recruitment clients? It’s a goal I hope all recruitment directors and their teams have. The truth is that recruitment organisations scale and grow by having a constant supply of warm leads. Though we are in a short skills market where excellent candidates need to be unearthed; nothing starts until a client [...]


How to Market Your Recruitment Company on LinkedIn

  [The is a direct transcription. Please excuse any typing errors.] How to market your recruitment company on LinkedIn is a question every staffing organisation should be asking. It’s the biggest business social network in the western world and a rich source of opportunities to market, brand and attract qualified leads to your recruitment organisation. [...]


How to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

[Please excuse any typing errors. This is a direct transcription.] How to measure marketing effectiveness? Ummmm…marketing and measurement; two subjects that often don’t go together; do they? Marketing is about creating a demand for your product or service and the challenge is that many elements can be intangible and not always a direct relationship to [...]


How to Become an Authority in Your Recruiting Sector

Transcription: [Please excuse any typing errors this is a direct transcription.] Like most buzzwords, thought leadership and authority marketing is a misused and misunderstood term.  To confuse you even more it’s also referred to as authority positioning too! But what is it really? And why do you need to have it as part [...]


Recruitment Marketing Trends….12 Areas To Act On Now

Transcription: (Prefer to read? Here is the transcription. Please excuse any typos.)   Recruitment marketing trends? A common question today as everyone looks for the fast and easy way to generate recruitment leads that their consultants can convert. Let’s explore some key areas to consider when it comes to recruitment marketing trends and [...]


Why Your Content And Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working

  Why Your Content And Social Media Marketing Isn't Working   [Please excuse any typing or grammar errors. This is a direct transcription for your benefit.]   Social media and content, big buzz, isn't there around it?  And everyone says, "Oh, you should be doing it," but then you'll find some people that [...]