RagNBone Man and Productivity

[ Please excuse any typing errors as this is a direct transcription. ] Image courtesy of NME. Today I want to talk to you about something that is really important bearing in mind: the time of the year. Time For A Mid-Year Review We are rapidly approaching the end of June, which I cannot believe [...]


The Secret Link Between Great Service and Making More Placements

  Transcription: [Please excuse and typing errors. This is a direct transcript for your use.] The subject for today is customer service and, "How does customer service actually link into making more placements?" It's an interesting conversation because I was talking to one of our clients today and we were running through his [...]


10 Reasons Why Recruitment Organisations Need Content Marketing

  Transcription: [Please excuse any typing errors. This is a direct transcription from the recording.] Hi there, everyone. This is Denise from Super Fast Recruitment and today's podcast is all about content marketing. I'm going to outline 10 reasons why, if you are not investing in it now as a recruitment business owner, [...]


How To Use Remarketing To Build Your Recruitment Brand

  [Please excuse any typing errors. This is a direct transcription for your benefit.] However, today I want to talk about branding your recruitment organisation through a technique called re-marketing also known as re-targeting. The reason I wanted to mention it today is because literally 10 days ago LinkedIn, added re-targeting as an option to [...]


How to Sell More to Your Current Clients

  Transcription: [This is a direct transcripton of a podcast, please excuse the odd typo or error.] Let’s talk about something interesting today. Whenever we talk to potential new clients, depending on where they are in their business life cycle, we often ask, "What are you doing with your current contacts and your [...]


Marketing In Recruitment? Its All About Your Message

[Please excuse any typing errors. This is a direct transcription.] Marketing in recruitment is all about your message. It’s Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment, and this is going to be a short and very important video today. Now, I don't know about you, but I've had many conversations over the last month or so as [...]


Your 90 Day Marketing Review

  Transcription: [ Please excuse any typing errors. This is a direct transcription for your use.] The topic for today is 90-day reviews. We encourage all of our clients and students, particularly  in our inner circle members, to use the power of a  90-day plan. To understand where you are and next steps [...]


Content Marketing Mistakes: Why You Need To Post More

[Please excuse any typing errors as this is  a direct transcription for your use.] Hi, this is Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment with the third and final instalment of our series of videos around content and social media. Now if you haven't seen the first two videos a quick update. The first one I talked [...]