Recruitment Marketing Trends….12 Areas To Act On Now

Transcription: (Prefer to read? Here is the transcription. Please excuse any typos.)   Recruitment marketing trends? A common question today as everyone looks for the fast and easy way to generate recruitment leads that their consultants can convert. Let’s explore some key areas to consider when it comes to recruitment marketing trends and [...]


Why Your Content And Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working

  Why Your Content And Social Media Marketing Isn't Working   [Please excuse any typing or grammar errors. This is a direct transcription for your benefit.]   Social media and content, big buzz, isn't there around it?  And everyone says, "Oh, you should be doing it," but then you'll find some people that [...]


Marketing Challenges….. Procrastination and Priorities

[Please excuse any typing or grammar errors this is a transcription for your benefit.] Hi, it's Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment, and today I want to talk about the two Ps. Yes, that's the two P's rather than the classic marketing four P's, so my two P's are procrastination, we all probably relate to that [...]


3 Ways To Generate Client And Candidate Traffic

    Show Notes For This Podcast   0.40- 3 ways to generate traffic 1.50- Want more clarity and direction? 2.55-Traffic is the first step to engagement 3.18 -3 traffic channels 3.44-Free traffic (well sort of!) 4.15-Your current contacts #goldmine 4.41-3% are ready to buy now 5.05-The magical 50% figure 6.00-Do you have [...]


Marketing, Sales and Scaling Your Recruitment Growth

  Show Notes 0.27-Over 100 podcasts now 0.42- Are you marketing or sales led? 1.20 -Great news! Growth and the REC latest data 1.50- Recruitment companies are growing. More companies=More competition 2.25-The old ways are changing and how do you create more demand? 3.15 -It's easier to make more placement when people have [...]


The Mindset Of Champions

  Show Notes 0.50- How do we use our minds to create results 1.22- Have a support team 1.40-Coaches and mentors give us the right path to follow 2.40-If you have a recognised gameplan that works stick to it 3.00-Fear is irrelevant- Fear has to be moved through 3.50-Keep the faith,dream,believe,visualise 4.00-Review the [...]


6 Reasons Why Your Recruitment Business Needs An SOP

  [Please excuse any typing errors as this is a direct transcription.] Well hi there everyone. This is Denise Oyston from Super Fast Recruitment with the recruitment, marketing, and sales podcast. And today's subject is S.O.P.s. Now before I get into it, if you are listening to us on iTunes, I know it's complex, but please leave [...]


The Power Of Batching Your Recruitment Marketing

[Please excuse any typing errors this is a direct transcription for your benefit.] This is Denise from Super Fast Recruitment, and today's subject is productivity and an element of productivity, which is batching.   What is Batching? So, batching, a ninja tactic that works really, well when you've got a lot to do. Now, one of the [...]


RagNBone Man and Productivity

[ Please excuse any typing errors as this is a direct transcription. ] Image courtesy of NME. Today I want to talk to you about something that is really important bearing in mind: the time of the year. Time For A Mid-Year Review We are rapidly approaching the end of June, which I cannot believe [...]