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[ Please excuse any typing errors as this is a direct transcription. ] Image courtesy of NME. Today I want to talk to you about something that is really important bearing in mind: the time of the year.

Time For A Mid-Year Review

We are rapidly approaching the end of June, which I cannot believe in the first instance. It is a time of year when as business owners and particularly as recruitment business owners, you are going to be taking stock of where you are mid-year compared to where you want to be by the end of the year. Here are a couple of key things that I want to highlight, and that is, hopefully, you have made massive progress towards your goals, and you’re well on track to achieving them However, maybe some of your projects are not quite as far ahead. Then now you are starting to think ahead about the next 6 months and what you big priorities are over the summer and to the end of the year.

How Much Can You Achieve?

Now when it comes to that, there are some very specific things to consider. One is, how many projects can you actually deliver in the next 90 days, and are they projects or are they tasks? Because often what can happen is we can list down things that we think are tasks, but as we’re moving into action we suddenly realise this task, wow, suddenly it’s got like 20 other tasks as part of it and actually really it’s a big project. If you are introducing new pieces of software and new CRM, new ways of automation, sometimes those kinds of projects can take a little bit longer than we want, and so it’s about being challenging and stretching ourselves. Also in the words of one of Denise’s favourite artists, remember, we’re all human, or we’re only human after all, I think are the true lyrics, aren’t they?

Setting Priorities

Remember that when you are setting your priorities. Think, is this a project, or is this actually a task? It’s obvious there are only a certain number of projects that you can manage in 90 days because you have got a team around you as well to manage and motivate, but also think about the different tasks that you’ve got. Make those goals stretching and make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself as that’s when sometimes, I guess, that paralysis can set in and we don’t know really where to start. Key thoughts then on review mid-year, and when you’re thinking about the next six months, to ensure that what you put in place for the next 90 days absolutely delivers for you and pushes you towards that last quarter, so you do hit your end of year goals. That’s Sharon Newey from Super Fast Recruitment.


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