What Do Fishing Lines Have to Do With Client and Candidate Lead Generation?

Hi, this is Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment. And today I want to talk about lead generation and fishing lines. And you’re probably wondering how on earth am I going to connect them?

Well, bear with me because it’s very possible and very, very relevant. Now, in the market today, we are hearing a number of things, and some businesses are doing okay right now. This is great to hear because I know that not everybody is.

And as we delve a little bit more into what has contributed to them doing okay, it becomes apparent that they are reliant, and have historically been reliant, on one or two marketing strategies that is generating both clients and candidates.

Casting Your Line

Now, let’s think of those strategies as fishing lines.

So these individuals might be going and fishing in perhaps a local geographic pond, let’s say, and they’re relying on two fishing lines.

Now, lots have changed in the last six months, and you don’t need me to tell you that, but the scale of change means that there’s been lots of implications for your business and our business and how we operate. And suddenly, virtual working has meant that, actually, that local geographic pond that you might be fishing in could very, very easily become a huge, large pond that is national or international.

The thing is that the size of the pond doesn’t matter.

What is really important from a future business growth perspective is the number of fishing lines that you’ve got in that pond.

And do you really want to risk only having two fishing lines?

Why Recruitment Companies Need to Increase Their Number of Lines

Because what worked before March 23, 2020, we can’t assume that it is going to work for the rest of this year, moving into 2021 and beyond. And as a business owner, can you afford to take the risk that just because it worked before, it will work now?

Because what we do know is that when change is created, there’s a domino effect.

Now, imagine the scale of change that we’ve all experienced. Socially, professionally, in our businesses, there will be multiple domino effects.

So let’s look then at some of the different fishing lines that you could potentially be having in whatever size of pond you are fishing in.

Which Lead Generation Methods Should You Use?

Let’s say you have content and social media marketing; that’s one fishing line. There are multiple ways that you could be using content. So, you could be sharing content across multiple channels.

So, that could be different fishing lines that you’ve got related to content marketing.

Let’s say you were looking at paid advertising. Of course, there’s different kinds of paid advertising which can give you multiple fishing lines.

You’ve got your job boards. Different job boards would be a different fishing line.

You’ve got email marketing. And remember, you’ve got email strategies that you can be implementing for clients and for candidates.

I mean, only yesterday, we were talking to a client over in Sydney who is in a position where, actually, he’s in a candidate-short market. And I know, many of us would love to be in that right now rather than a client-short market.

So, think about different fishing lines for clients and for candidates.

There’s so many different things you could be doing with email marketing. And there are, perhaps, online training events that many companies have been using in lockdown. That could be another fishing line.


So I think you’ve got the message. It is risky to rely on having all your eggs in one basket. That’s another metaphor, isn’t it?

Fishing lines – what I want you to take away from this video is go and evaluate how many fishing lines are you casting in the pond that you are fishing in, because the more, the merrier.

So if you haven’t already, or if you have in the past but want to revisit your recruitment marketing strategy – download our marketing checklist which will enable you to see how many fishing lines you currently have, and how many more you can introduce to increase client and candidates leads.

We’ve also got several more free recruitment marketing resources available to download on our website. Click here to browse and download the recruitment marketing guides which will help you get a clearer picture of your recruitment marketing and where you can take it.

That’s Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment.

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