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Superfast Recruitment Marketing Training Workshop: The Recruiters Lead Generation Triad

Recruitment Business Owners

Learn The System To Get Consistent Client and Candidate Leads Every Week

….. And Avoid Yo-Yo Billings Forever

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How Would A Step-By-Step Lead Generation System That Delivers Candidate and Client Leads Every Week Impact Your Business?

The first reignite campaign we used in month one delivered two large placements

Paul Ryan MD
RDF Financial Recruitment

I am engaged in more conversations in my niches, which has translated into 42% more new jobs on the board and attracted hard to find candidates who I’ve been able to place.

Clients come to me now and I have the luxury of choosing whom I want to work with.

Louise Shepherd

Last month we sent a report about Onboarding to a number of our clients. We received a job the following day and filled the position by the next week.

Steve Merritt MD

How To Get Consistent Client and Candidate Leads (Every Week)

Getting access to and inquiries from the candidates and clients you want will transform your business from roller coaster billings to a consistent flow of the right jobs and candidates.

This is the Recruitment Lead Generation Triad and you need to use it in your business.

The 5 Common Mistakes Business Owners Are Making Now With Their Lead Generation

Generating leads should be easy though most recruiters still struggle.

Fact: Few people have a system dialed in that delivers deals consistently which is compounded by crazy mistakes that can be changed fast.

I will share specifically what they are so you can remove them and start getting the leads you want.

How To Use The Recruitment Lead Generation Triad in Your Business

Creating demand for your business AKA creating leads has developed over the years thanks to Google and AI 👍

We will show you the exact elements of the triad and how they work together so you get consistency with your lead gen.

Converting Connections Strategy

You are likely sitting on a goldmine. The trouble is most people don't know how to release the cash reserves from people they already know.

Will we share 2 strategies working now you can set up and forget.

How to Build Your Content Machine Fast

Attention is the new power currency and content is its vehicle. You can't sell to people if they have never heard of you.

Imagine being able to presell yourself and your brand ahead of speaking to someone. You can and we will show you how.

The Secret Techniques and Software That Makes Cold Outreach The Easiest It's Ever Been

Cold outreach gets a bad rap; it always has, and yet successful businesses understand its power AND how to use it.

I'll share the exact software to use so you finally start turning connections from cold to sold 🙌

Creating A Consistent Flow of Candidate and Client Leads Could Completely Change The Flow of Placement Through Your Business

How Over 15 Years We Have Helped Recruitment Businesses Grow

Over the last fifteen years we feel honored to have:

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