Marketing Strategies for 2021: How to Create a Lead Magnet that is Guaranteed to Attract Clients and Candidates

Hi everyone, this is Denise from Superfast Recruitment and today’s blog is the second in our series on different marketing strategies that you can use in 2021 to rebuild.

Today’s topic is lead generation, and before we get started, we’ve got a couple of downloads that will be particularly useful over the coming couple of months. One is our marketing checklist which you can download by clicking here.

Another one is our social media marketing report. If there is one area that you can leverage to really help with your lead generation and attention in today’s market, it’s social media, which has exploded with everything that’s happened this year. If you want to download that report, you can do so by clicking here.

So, let’s talk about lead magnets, ethical bribes, white papers. Don’t you love those trendy terms?

The Value of Lead Magnets

Basically, they are valuable pieces of content that you deliver to your potential clients and potential candidates that are going to start working with you. What that does is it gets people to know you, and it builds a real connection. In today’s market, you can do this relatively easily.

What it does is cement and positions you as an authority. Now, let’s be honest; many of us will have lost clients over the last few months with everything that’s happened with COVID for various reasons. I appreciate many of them are coming back, and I know quite a few of ours have come back to start working with us now as things are recovering.

What has happened across the industry is people are re-evaluating the recruitment companies that they’ve worked with. People want to work with people that helped them at all stages of the journey. This is where something like a lead magnet or a valuable piece of content, can really support you.

Now, it’s something that we’ve been doing with our Superfast Circle members for the last few years.

We write lead magnets for them that they can use and make their own. If you want to know more about the Superfast Circle where we provide these lead magnets, click here.

Creating Your Lead Magnet

In the meantime, this is something that you can do yourself. Yes, it takes a bit of time. However, it’s incredibly valuable to spend the time to do this because if you reach out to your market, you’re providing the need for information that we all have.

We are living in a knowledge age, and if you’re offering somebody a valuable piece of content that’s going to be useful for them, and in return, they give you a name and email address, they are raising their hand and demonstrating that they might want to work with you in the future.

They might have an issue going on that maybe you can address; what we always talk about is moving people from their present state to their desired state.

Now, in a candidate’s perspective, their present state could be that maybe they’re in a job that they don’t like, or maybe a candidate in today’s market has been made redundant, and they are looking for a new role. Perhaps they need some help on their confidence, maybe writing the next CV, all of these issues. You, as a recruiter, can help them, and by giving that valuable piece of content to them, you become an authority in their mind.

Also, they are willing to trade their email address for this valuable piece of information that you give them. I’m still stunned by how much difference this can make.

How Your Lead Magnet Will Pull in Clients and Candidates

Let’s use an example to demonstrate how it works. We’ve had thousands of people download our marketing checklist. Do all of them work with us? No, they don’t, but at least we feel we’re giving them some value, and some of them almost certainly come back to work with us.

In the previous podcast, I talked about the value of email marketing and how it still produces the highest ROI of any marketing strategy. We live in a world influenced by GDPR and ePrivacy. By offering something of value to somebody, you get the name and email address, and then you can start to market to them, and what a difference that can make.

This is called permission-based marketing. By giving people this useful piece of information, this really does help to build your client and candidate database.

One of our clients in Australia recently sent out a lead magnet to his database and got three jobs straight off the board. We’d written something particularly relevant at that time because we were in the middle of COVID, but this demonstrates the impact this can make if you use this as a strategy.

What to Include in Your Lead Magnet

Where do you need to start? Well, first of all, you need to think about, “What are some of the challenges that my market are currently facing? What can I create for them which will be valuable to them at this time?”.

It could be a video series; it could be a report, which could be a Word document, a couple of thousand words, that you then give away to your particular market, in exchange for an email address. Then you can follow that by marketing, talking to people, giving them value-added content. Then, of course, the Holy Grail is you then pick up the phone and start speaking to them.

What’s happened now, because you’ve given them some help, is that reciprocity kicks in and they are more than willing to speak to you on the phone. Then you can start to move that conversation forward.

The good news is that this isn’t that difficult to do. Recently, we ran a webinar on automated marketing. In fact, we’re just about to create another new lead magnet for our market around that particular topic.

All you need is a web page and some form of email software so that, when someone gives you their name and email address, it goes into your email software. You can then deliver the report, and you can start conversing with that individual, whether it be a new client you’re trying to call or a new candidate through emails.

What’s great is that, when you do this, it can be working for you, time and time again. We wrote our marketing checklist probably three years ago. We’ve updated it, I think three times since then, just the introduction, and a couple of things that are now working with clients.

You will see how doing that one piece of work will make a massive difference for you. The good news is that a lot of people still aren’t doing this, yet it works so well in being able to build your authority and your list that you can then sell to.

Next Steps?

There will be a huge shift next year for many of you in the sense that you will need to create more demand for your recruiting and staffing services. This is a fabulous way to start.

If you want more information about this or Superfast Circle, get in touch. You can contact us by clicking here, or call us on 01772 784331.

This is Denise saying, think about those lead magnets and what you can do for your clients next year.

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