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Here in the UK, we’re just heading into September which is historically the last week that children are at home with parents. They are normally heading off back to school next week, so there’s a whole lot of shift going on at all levels for people.

We are moving into the final third of 2021, and what a year it’s been. We wanted to record this particular podcast to give you some ideas on some marketing planning that you might want to consider. [Excuse any typos as this is a direct transcription for your benefit.]

Because this is all about planning, it’s all about ending the year strong; what I would suggest you do, if you haven’t assessed where you are now, then have a look at our marketing checklist. You can grab a cough copy by going to Just bob your name and email address in there, and it will download for you. You can also find it all over the Superfast Recruitment website.

The other report that I would suggest you download is one that we created around social media marketing. Because, as we accelerate towards the end of the year, if you want a big focus and you want to end the year with a bang, you have to get your social media dialled in. Again, go here and download that checklist. It gives you some really good ideas, strategies, and types of content you need to create for social media.

Let’s talk now about marketing planning. There are three things I want you to consider here; I’m going to go through each of them in detail.

1. Identify What Is Working And What’s Not Working

The first one is to review what’s working and what isn’t working.

It’s been a hell of a year.

Over here in the UK, Boris told us two days before Christmas that we couldn’t have our Christmas lunches with our family. Then we went straight into a lockdown. However, what was bizarre is as we went into this lockdown, recruitment just went ballistic. Where people were struggling to get clients in 2020, the scenario had completely shifted. Suddenly, clients were there; they wanted your help. But getting the candidates was something completely different.

When you look at that, and you look at what’s happening, many people suddenly appreciated that “Hang on a minute here. Maybe I wasn’t doing things quite right with candidates before. Maybe I didn’t have any systems in place. Maybe my approach needs to be different.”

I would suggest you do a review. We’re just in the process of reviewing things for ourselves at the moment. I don’t know about you, but before I go off on holiday, I always think, “Well, I know I’ve got to do that, but let me just park that planning. Let me just park this bit. Or I’ll do that when I get back from holiday.” Yes, when we get back from holiday, we’re going to do XYZ. I suspect it’s the same for you.

If this sounds familiar to you, then when you get back to work do your review. The first thing to do is the stop-start-continue process.

  • What should you stop doing?
  • What should you continue doing,
  • …..and what should you start doing more of?

I would come at it with the lens of what’s working that we know is working. Remember, you’ve got to give things at least a month to see whether they’re working or not. What do we maybe need to do that we’d stopped doing? That’s always a great leveller and a great informer when you’re thinking about your marketing planning. That’s the first thing that I would do.

The next thing is to set yourself some goals. We have something like 16 weeks to the end of the year. Now, if we’re honest, most people in the UK and across the globe – I think particularly over in Australia, because it’s nice weather, it’s Christmas, people taking holidays – is that people tend to shut down the week leading up to Christmas.

We’ve probably got around 15 or 16 weeks remaining this year. There’s a lot you can do in that time. You know how I’m a big fan of working the 12-week, 90-day plan. This is even more than the 90-day plan. You can get a lot done and exit the year in a really strong position, ready to move into 2022 because I don’t think a lot of things will change in 2022. I think there’s still going to be a candidate shortage. You need to get your marketing to candidates dialled in.

2. Set Short Term Goals

Think about setting yourself goals to improve your focus. You will have already set financial goals at the beginning of the year. Now here’s something I’ve noticed a lot of recruiters saying, “Oh, I’m having my best year ever. I’ve had my best month; I’ve had my best quarter.”

Well, why don’t you put your target up towards the end of the year and then just really push yourself? Because we know as salespeople, we do have a habit of taking our foot off the gas when we’re doing well. Why not set yourself a bigger goal?

We were talking with some of our circle members just this week about their goals towards the end of the year. For some of them, it’s about increasing candidates on the database. They’re doing more candidate registrations; they’re looking at different ways they can do that.

We’ve got people setting up ads; we’ve got people setting up specific campaigns. Also, some people are looking at bringing more new clients on board because for many people that we work with, the clients have started to drift back. They did a lot of business development in 2020, and that’s worked for them.

Also, they’ve realized that they never want to be vulnerable again in not having enough clients. Maybe it’s about thinking about what your goal for the number of clients that you’re going to reach out to is; the number of clients that you’re going to onboard, the number of clients that are going to be in your database, that you’re going to contact and get engaged with.

3. Run 3 Campaigns

Now, the third thing that I would suggest you do is run specific campaigns. I strongly advise three campaigns to run because you’ve got 16 weeks, so you can get things set up and running in that time.

The first campaign is around low-hanging fruit. Low-hanging fruit for me are always candidates that you’ve been in conversation with who has just said to you, “Well, not just yet,” but you know that maybe it could now be the time that you can have a conversation with.

Remember, summer is often a time of reflection for people. They’ve come out of the winter; they’re moving into summer; they’re thinking positive thoughts. Some of them have been away on holiday, and they’re coming back and thinking, “Maybe there is an opportunity. It’s not always about the money. Maybe there is an opportunity; maybe I do need to think about my career. Could I move before the end of the year?” Calling those people and connecting with them could yield more than you ever expected.

You can do that in multiple ways. In our Superfast Circle membership, we provide pre-written campaigns that work like crazy for people. People just need to tweak one or two things in the campaign, and it’s ready to send out.

Create a campaign for candidates, too, because it’s a great door-opener to be having conversations through September and October. You will be amazed; people we know have run these low-hanging fruit campaigns, and it’s made a massive difference for them. That would be one thing absolutely to do.

The other two campaigns I would consider is one for candidates and one for clients because you always want to be onboarding new candidates, and you always want to be onboarding new clients.

Think about what you could create as a campaign. What could you send out? Is it some new training? Is it a new report that you might have? Is it a new event that you want to run?

All of these different things that you can do. I would set them up, so you’ve got one for clients. You might think, “Well, I’ve got enough clients, Denise.” You might not have. Maybe they are not the right type of clients that you need to be working with. I would definitely have a client campaign, and I would definitely have a candidate campaign.

Obviously, there are so many other things that you can do. You want to build your team. It may be that one of your campaigns, you’ve decided, “I’m going to run four campaigns. I’m going to run the talent attraction campaign because that’s what I need to be doing.” Because attracting talent into your organization isn’t a quick fix anymore. Lots of recruiters are struggling to build their teams to get really good recruiters on board. It’s something, again, that is a long-term strategy for you that you need to nurture.

Those are three things to think about. As you hit the desk next week, get some planning done, working with your team around what’s working, what’s not working, what might you need to be doing slightly differently. Set yourself some goals, ramp up your financial goal, and look at some of the marketing goals you want to achieve before the end of the year.

Then finally, decide on three campaigns you’re going to run. Plenty of time to do it. Three campaigns, one to low-hanging fruit, one to candidates, and one to clients.

I hope everything’s going to work well for you towards the end of the year. I’m absolutely certain it will. Energy in will always equal energy out.



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