Attention Marketing: Why It Should Be a Priority For Your Recruitment Company

Attention Marketing has been a topic of conversation for a while now. During November, we ran a training session for our Superfast Circle members, and the subject was how to launch a new product or service into their current market as well as new geographies and sectors – a perfect reason to have a focus on gaining more attention.

We covered a specific seven-point plan and if you would like to see a recording of this then drop me an email, and I’ll send you over a link.

The key thing about launching anything new and let’s be honest making more sales, in general, you have to ensure that people:

  • know who you are
  • like you
  • and then trust you.

There is only one true way to do this, and that is by getting more attention.

Getting attention as a strategy is not new. It’s where any decent marketing company will suggest you focus your time, energy and resources.

Fact: People will not have a chance of liking and trusting you if they don’t know who you are in the first place.

Attention in today’s market is pivotal if you want to make anything happen.

Let’s be real. Many recruitment and staffing companies might have had a year of insights though coupled with a less than great fiscal performance.

Therefore it’s critical to bring onboard new clients.

The challenge is that moving from cold to sold takes time no matter how good you are or how good you think you are – that’s why you need to get attention for you and your brand consistently.

A great example of how this works is Gary Vaynerchuck, now the CEO of a Vayner Media, an 8 figure agency he built over the last ten years that now has a global reach.

Gary learnt the power of getting attention as he built his fathers wine store. He started with online video, and the rest is history.

Working With The Buyers Cycle

“Less than seven people out of every 100 on your database, are ready to buy from you now Denise.”

The first time I heard that over 15 years ago, I was shocked.

I had been working in a large corporate sales and marketing function for well over twenty years, and that scary stat must have slipped by me, or never been communicated.

So, if less than 7% of people are ready to buy from you at any point in time, you need to get their attention – consistently if you want to take your conversations through to conversion.

This is just one of the reasons why getting consistent attention is so crucial.

So now you know how important getting attention is, what are some of the ways to go about getting it?

Start With The End In Mind

Before you start attracting attention, decide who you want it from. Though it might be tempting to think anyone who needs to hire, this isn’t what you want.

Your message out to the market needs to either attract or repel your ideal client. There is nothing good about chasing down endless rabbit holes with clients you are unlikely to convert with job orders no one could fulfil either.

Be Consistent

The challenge for many recruitment owners is they suddenly get busy filling job orders, and everything stops – not great news. One of the key principles of influence is consistency.

There is no point having a blast out to your market for a week and then disappearing; you will never build any momentum – and momentum is so critical when it comes to gaining attention from your market.

Do More

In the words of Grant Cardone, nobody ever got more attention by doing less. No matter what you think is a good level of activity, it rarely is.

During lockdown, LinkedIn reported that activity on their website had increased by over 2500% which is good news because finally, people will start to appreciate that social media is essential if you want to be in front of your market. The only downside of this is more activity means you have to do more to stand out – posting once a day on social media just won’t cut it anymore; you’re never going to rise above the crowd.

By the way, if you want to download a free report we have on mastering social media here is a link.

Use Multiple Channels

Multichannel marketing isn’t just the latest buzzword; it’s a strategic idea that many recruitment companies still don’t leverage.

Have you ever had that experience where suddenly you were pushed to say yes to purchase because you’ve seen the item in question everywhere; it might have been on a TV ad, you’ve seen a billboard on the motorway or you’ve had an advert fly past you on Facebook?

This is how getting your brand out into the market works. In this decade, you have to use multiple channels so that you are everywhere where your market is and in today’s changeable environment that most certainly is everywhere.

If you thought that marketing was only about attending networking meetings and paying a fee for a job board, you are in the dark ages.

You need to have your brand’s digital footprint in multiple places.

Use Multiple Modalities

I never said getting attention will be easy; you now know that you need to do more consistently and on multiple channels.

You also need to consider the modalities that you use – a lovely jargon word for you!

What we’re talking about here is that some people prefer to read, others prefer to watch a video; you’ll notice that here at Superfast you receive a podcast, you also get emails, you get written content. You’ll also come across all of our videos on LinkedIn and Facebook.

We do this because we know everyone is different; there’s a reason why we do this depending on our personality profiling. Some of us prefer audio, some prefer visual, and some want to read.

If you don’t mix up your content in this way, you will be missing out.

Strategic Partnerships And The Halo Impact

Though referral marketing is great when it happens – it is much better to form a more strategic alliance where referral is more active and validated.

As an example, we are aligned to several partnerships where we are recommended. There was a vetting process. The good thing about strategic alliances is that you both have skin in the game, and it’s a way to stand out to your market.

This approach is also part of the Halo effect fundamentally as you associate with people at a certain level then people get an understanding about you and the service you offer.

As you start to prepare your marketing plan for 2021, make getting attention part of your plan.

What Next?

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