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Hi, this is Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment.  

Ive made a decision. It is time to get fit again, and one of the things I love doing is walking. 

Many years ago, we were on a walking holiday up in Scotland, and I dont know if youve walked in ScotlandIm sure many of you have. Somebody said, Its not like walking in the Lake District. 

And I didnt really know what that was about until we got there. So imagine, were out there walking through a forest.  

Everything is going great.  

Weve got our Ordnance Survey Pathfinders book, following the instructions, it’s working brilliantly. We keep going up and up, and finally, we come out of this forest, and were onto open moorland.  

Suddenly that path that weve been following, nowhere to be seen. To cut a very long story short, a 4 1/2 hour walk ended up taking us probably 6 1/2, maybe 7 hours; it was a long day, we were shattered.  

Now, how does that relate to you and your marketing planning?  

Well, we thought that we were organised that weve got our Pathfinder book, weve got lots of supplies and everything.  

But what we didnt realise was we didnt quite realise how different walking in Scotland is, and that actually it would have been a really good idea to have brought with us a proper Ordnance Survey map so that we could have used it to navigate our path.  

So there were some gaps in our planning.  

And hindsight is a wonderful thing, isnt it?  

Now, lets think about you and your marketing. Because the last thing that you want to have, with everything thats been going on, you want to go into the final quarter of the year and into next year, with a solid plan that is going to work for your business with no gaps. 

Now, there are seven steps for you to build into your marketing plan. Lets start then, at the beginning, they always say its a good place to start, dont they? 

And lets be really clear and do the analysis so you know exactly where you are with your business. 


1. Business Analysis  

What is working in your business today? What are the marketing strategies that youve been implementing that has been bringing new business in, thats been attracting the right kind of clients and candidates for you? 

What hasnt been working? Itreally easy to look at whats not been working and to forget the good things because you want to bring those good things into your plan, dont you? Now, the other thing, of course, is the gaps.  

We need to identify the gaps.  

A quick, easy way that you can do this is, if you havent already to go and download our marketing checklist. Jump onto the Superfast Recruitment website at SuperfastRecruitment.co.uk/MCL, and youll be able to download the recruitment marketing audit checklist, and that will help you identify some gaps.  

But you need to know what is not working in your business before you move on to the second thing.  


2. Setting a Financial Goal  

And that is being really clear about what you want to achieve in your business over the next period; whether thats 6 or 12 months, I strongly recommend you have a financial goal.  

And trust me, I speak to many people who dont have that clarity of a financial goal. So thats got to be an absolute cert. But what other goals do you want to have in your business? 

How many new clients do you want? How many jobs do you want? How many new team members do you want to bring back on board as you are rebuilding and then pushing forward to grow?  

If its new offices, when do you want to move into new offices? Some of you might decide to not go back into offices and work remotely. But what are your plans for how you build a team with that? So, have plenty of goals. 

Now, then, of course, it comes to your marketplace in your sectors. 


3. Your Marketplace  

This is something that weve been talking to a lot of our clients about, and other people – prospects. Its a real hot topic in terms of the sectors that people work in; many companies are looking at subverticals or existing sectors. 

And also if theyre working in sectors that have been particularly hit by recent events, theyre looking at targeting new sectors.  

So, take time to understand where are the growth opportunities across different industries right now 

What size of companies do you want to target in that sector, and who are the people in those businesses that you would need to get your marketing in front of? 

Breally clear on your market and who you are marketing to.  

The next thing to think about then is your offers.  


4. Offers

Now, you may well be looking at existing offers. Of course, you might be historically a contingency recruiter; you might do some temp work.  

Have you now decided to bring in, lets say, longer-term contracting or retained service?  

Have you brought in additional value-added services, such as consultancy or outplacement help?  

Think about the services that youre offering today. Are they the same?  

If not, then you need to think about how youre going to package those services. And of course, think about pricing.  

Now, once youre really clear on that, the key thing is to think about how you will communicate those services.  


5. Defining Your Sales and Marketing Messages 

What are the marketing and sales messages that you want to use on your website, across social media, and in your email marketing 

And do you still have and use printed materials? Because, hey, people do still like receiving something in the post! 

Then what are the messages that you want to be communicating? Once youve got the clarity around that, of course, we need to get messages out to the market.  


6. Communicating Your Messages Effectively 

So the next thing that you want to be considering is, how are you going to communicate it, and what are the lead generation systems that you are going to put in place to communicate those messages?  

So think about it – what will you do across social media? How will that connect with perhaps email campaigns that youre doing, perhaps video content you want to be using? What automated funnels might you want to set up?  

How are you nurturing prospects and candidates? So lots of different marketing strategies that you will want to consider.  

And a top tip here would be, you are better focusing on a small number of strategies that you implement really well and that they deliver for your business, than trying to do too much, spin too many plates, and then things dont really work in the way that you want. 

So do think about that when youre planning. And then of course, finally, we need to think about measurement.  


7. Measurement 

How will you know that you are getting the results that you want? What will you measure?  

How will you measure that youre achieving your financial goals? How will you measure that you are getting towards the point where you can increase headcount, or make other business growth decisions?  

So think about your measurements. What KPIs will you use? Is it still about the number of CVs out, number of interviews, et cetera?  

If it is fantastic; if you’re not as KPI driven from that point of view, what will you measure to make sure that the marketing that youre implementing is working for you? 


Next Steps? 

So I hope thats really clear. If you want some help and some guidance around it, then feel free to pick up the phone, get in touch. And if you havent done that marketing checklist, its a great quick resource, and that website link again is SuperfastRecruitment.co.uk/MCL.  

We’ve also got several more free recruitment marketing resources available to download on our website – click here to browse and download the recruitment marketing guides which will help you get started on your recruitment marketing today.  

Thats Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment.  

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