Recruitment advertising has undergone fundamental changes over the past few years. Since the popularity of professional online portfolios such as LinkedIn and more people searching for jobs online, people who work in recruitment advertising have had to adapt to modern recruitment techniques and swift advances in technology.


The biggest myth associated with the more traditional forms of recruitment advertising is:


A paper advert is still more effective


This is a myth. Those in recruitment advertising who are still using this method are behind the times. They are probably costing their company thousands of pounds by using this dated method, which will result in a lesser number of candidates applying. The decline of print media has caused many recruitment advertising publications to die out as more and more people are now using online job boards and online social media sites such as LinkedIn to look for professional employment.


LinkedIn allows a candidate to browse through thousands of jobs and companies online. The ease of access and mobility allow for a thorough and detailed search. Since professionals have migrated to this particular medium, recruiters have had to also. There are over 200 million members worldwide and this number is growing.


For the recruiter, the opportunities are endless. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people at any one time browsing through this network and looking for employment. It is convenient and constantly being updated. Candidates who brand themselves online are boosting their digital presence. They are highlighting skills, experience and usually have recommendations offering far more than a printed CV.


Online jobs boards allow a candidate to filter their search. They can choose location, salary, keywords and browse in real-time. Their CV can be uploaded at a click of a button. They can also submit their details and get similar jobs sent to them by e-mail. So, why would they want to wait for a paper publication?


Print media is dying out rapidly and therefore the exposure that comes with this method has also. Whilst it is indeed true that some people do in fact prefer to read a paper, the figures speak for themselves. In 2009, a total of 166 newspapers in America ceased publication.


If those in recruitment advertising do wish to post their position over a print and digital mix, then the majority of their budget should ideally be spent on the latter. There is far more exposure and some positions can be shared instantaneously between job seekers.


When those in recruitment advertising do place an advert and ask people to e-mail in a CV, they are inadvertently persuading the candidate to go online anyway. You can bet that whilst they are e-mailing their CV, they do a job search also. The paper CV is also a dying breed and it won’t be long before that is seen as prehistoric in recruitment terms. By the time the CVs have been posted, sifted through and shortlisted, a candidate could have been placed if modern recruitment advertising methods were used.




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About the Author:

Denise Oyston
Denise Oyston is the CEO of Super Fast Recruitment, who specialise in helping recruitment and staffing organisations globally to attract candidates, clients and talent, through their online training programmes and service delivery. Denise has 27 years’ experience in sales and marketing and is a ghost writer for many well-known names in the recruitment sector and with her business partner, Sharon Newey, is the creator of Dominate Your Sector. This is the premier marketing training programme for business owners and their marketers.