Our final two in the series of hot web marketing ideas, the two strategies we are sharing are quite different and yet the outcome is similar. They speak into exactly what Google is looking for at the moment.


9. Guest Posting And Guest Blogging



Guest posting or Guest blogging as it is sometimes known is quite a new kid on the block and is becoming popular in line with the current Google changes. So what exactly is it?


Guest posting involves writing content as an expert for another website. This content is relevant for the audience and gets you some great exposure. From a search engine point of view, it is excellent. If you guest post on another website it is accepted that you can have one and possibly two links back to your own website. This brings you a great ‘backlink’ to your website whilst at the same time it positions you in front of new  potential viewers.


You might be wondering why the heck anyone would want you to write on their website. The truth is that successful business owners come from a place of adding value. They want the best experience for their users and giving them new and fresh content is one of them.


Remember Google loves content. As a service provider it can be a challenge to constantly fill your website with great content and deliver for your clients at the same time.


How Do I Get Started


First of all you need to find some website owners to contact. Into Google type in your main keywords that aligns to your audience and scroll through the first couple of pages. Have a look at the site and make a value judgement if it aligns to your brand. If it does, contact the website owner and make them a proposal to write for them. Some will say yes and some no so be prepared for that. Remember the saying ‘every no brings you closer to a yes’ :-).


Is It Worth The Effort


The likelihood is that the first few websites that appear will be getting a high percentage of traffic. SEO data and research suggests that the first ranked position gets around 40-50% of the search traffic for any term.


For example let’s take the search term ‘web marketing’. This gets in a broad search context around 18,000 searches a month in the UK. So being conservative the first placed websites will get around 7-9000 searches a month for that keyword alone. Imagine getting an opportunity to write an article that gets posted there, and then looked at for months on end? Being outrageous, what if you write a stellar piece of content that is on a website that gets this many views for one keyword. Do you think it might get a lot of traffic for other keywords as well?


So playing with the numbers, when you get a piece accepted on a website that gets 250,000 visitors a year. You have the most popular post on the website and 30% of visitors read it. That is 75,000 views in a year. In your resource box at the end of the article you have a compelling call to action, which gets a conservative click through rate of 7%. This means that over 5250 people could visit your website and potentially join your database. Wow, wow and wow again!


Now you might be saying. “Denise you are not living in the real world!”. Say I am way off with my numbers (I am not by the way as I am on chatting terms with two people who have done exactly this) and the true figures only pan out at 500 people signing up? What could that be worth to you if you had 10 such articles online on different websites?


At the moment guest posting is still under the radar and for the remainder of this year will bring you great opportunities. Time to get started!


10. Press Releases Online


This is a favourite of ours because of the results it delivers and is a key strategy we recommend for SEO. The image above was from a simple release we used to promote an event of ours. Online press releases enable you to promote your company in an ethical way and at the same time get some great back links and web visibility to your website. We used this strategy with one of our clients and she was contacted by the business section of the Daily Telegraph, a major daily newspaper here in the UK.


P.R. is great for any business, and depending on your funds and area of expertise, it might be worth approaching a local PR agency to help you out. In addition, submitting online press releases will give your web presence and branding a much needed boost.


If you have had issues with getting exposure in the print media before, let me assure you this is not the same. Many of your press releases will be accepted without any hassle. Provided they are written correctly and in a format that the website requires. As a general rule they need to be 400-700 words, with an intro/summary followed by the main body, and your contact details.


There are both free and paid websites where you can submit your press release. A first step is decide what you want to write about and your promotional context. Next you can either outsource this (we have a limited offer next month so stay subscribed) or write it yourself.


Google free press release websites and you will find lots on Google. Have a look at the structure of the press releases they have, and base yours on that. Join a few and then submit your release.


Top tip generally Mondays and Fridays are poor days to send out your release so avoid them. When your press release is live tell people on all your social media channels, and if you have a news section on your website add it there as well.


So there you have it our top 10 web marketing activities that work particularly well for experts in their field.


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